Down memory lane

The hour is late -or early-, which is why I find myself treading memory lane. The direct path to past memories, all too often melancholic.

First stop, a friendship slipping away, and the feeling of being powerless to grab it back. Reaching, reaching, and feeling as if I'm not grasping anything. I hope time will bridge that rift.

Second stop. Old music, old times, old friends. Am I wearing rosy blinkers, was that time better than my present? Was I happier, more carefree, or more sure of where I was heading? Or were my fears, and my expectations, just different?

Third stop. Past love, past lovers, well... there at least time has done its work. I can wear a satisfied face.

So, looking down at memory lane, looking for an anchor for my present, and not really finding anything. I need to have my life take an unsuspecting turn. sinon, j'écoute une chanson de l'album "Royaume mélancolique" et je m'étonne d'avoir des pensées noires. M'apprendra.