Black mood

I wrote this some time ago, when I was totally confused in my feelings for two friends... I found it while putting some order in old stuff... Im not in this mood any more, but I like it, so I posted it here.
Beauty of the night... Sadness of the light
The blood of the night and the ice of the light
Run in my heart -pain- run in my soul -tears
I saw a shadow and a light -my fears
Around me, roses, of glowing black
I looked around, for something lacked...
As I watched, I saw -they smothered the light.
I was left in the deepness of the night
I should have been happy -but I was torn,
Beauty of the night, beauty of a storm,
Sadness of the light, yet in it I stood,
Lonely perhaps, but at least -happy.
Light now is only a memory
Ice is gone, blood is left, in it I brood
In it I sink, its not warm but -ice-cold
I want to shout, I want to be told
To hope in the night, to be in the light
My pain is loud, but -you dont hear it
Im a child of the light, you dwell in the night
Your heart is my pain, but -youre blind to it.
I wrote also these more happy lines:
Sun on the dew, sparkles of light
Pearls of ice, or lost tears of stars
Their life is short, but their beauty
Stay in the hearts that watche the dawn
Beauty of light, beauty of hearts.