Un voisin, un ami... Il navait pas 20 ans... Il s'est suicidé... J'ai écrit ça pour lui.

Weep with me my friend, for today a light

Winked away. Rage with me against the night,

The unfeeling cold that took him away!

"Please, please come back! Please, come to us and stay!"

He can't hear us, he can't feel our pain,

He can't see our tears, pouring down like rain.

Pain of the heart, tears of blood I'm giving.

Pain of the soul, bitter, unforgiving.

A dark light was yours, to blow it away,

Cruel to your heart, but what can I say?

Pain of my heart, pain of my soul, with you

They go. And know: I'll remember you.


1. Le vendredi, juin 4 2004, 18:30 par Héléonie
This poem you had send to me before Tanguys funeral has contributed a few weeks ago (not alone, but it was part of my reflection) to save your dear Héléonie from making the same stupid act.Thanks.
2. Le vendredi, juin 4 2004, 18:31 par Lilly
I was so full of rage when I wrote this, because I felt somebody failed to help him... Im deeply thankfull to have been able to help you stay with us... Please beloved friend, dont ever leave us...Lilly
3. Le vendredi, juin 4 2004, 18:33 par Héléonie
Ill try... I promise.